A Must Read LifeNews.com Article

The following article was published on LifeNews.com, 3/24/2008.   

South Dakota Abortion Ban Effort Gets Backing From Norma McCorvey of Roe

Pierre, SD (LifeNews.com)–Norma McCorvey, the former Roe v. Wade, has endorsed the second effort to ban most abortions in South Dakota.  The pro-life group VoteYesForLife[.com] is spearheading a new abortion ban that prohibits abortions virtually all cases after the initial attempt to ban them without a rape and incest exception failed.  McCorvey sent LifeNews.com the following statement: “Roe vs. Wade was erected upon the shifting sands of a terrible lie.  Nobody knows that vivid fact more than I, the former “Roe” of Roe vs. Wade.  Once my eyes had been illumated to the horrible facts of abortion I renounced the rotting core of deceit that is the crumbling foundation of Roe vs. Wade.  VoteYesForLife[.com] is the wrecking ball of truth poised to annihilate Roe’s infrastructure.  I give my full and unwavering support toward this noble effort.  I am certain that VoteYesForLife[.com] and it’s accomplished leadership team has what it takes to bring home victory for the innocent.”

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