Why post endorsements on VoteYesForLife.com?


The November Initiative was started by South Dakota residents, for South Dakota residents to advance South Dakota values.

The pro-abortionists who import New York City values to our state, are attempting to distort these facts by criticizing the fact that prominent out of state pro-life people of influence and character have endorsed what the people of South Dakota have done. These people of stature have reviewed the South Dakota Statute and have found it is well crafted and that it constitutes solid law. The people of South Dakota post their endorsements of our work with great pride.

Fr. Frank Pavone Endorses Initiative

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life, President, National Pro-life Religious Council, Pastoral Director and Chairman, Rachel’s Vineyard

An essential step to the end of abortion in America is that states reassert their rights to protect their unborn children. South Dakota is doing precisely that, and every citizen of South Dakota who wants children protected should sign on to the VoteYesForLife.com effort. We often wonder what we can do to end this holocaust. The citizens of South Dakota have an amazingly simple and direct way to take the next good step in that direction. Right now, no unborn children in America are protected from abortion. To have most of them protected is a goal we are both permitted and required to work for. I urge Churches in particular to put the full weight of their influence behind the VoteYesForLife.com campaign.As National Pastoral Director of Rachel’s Vineyard, I see every day the damage abortion does to the mothers and fathers of aborted children. It is out of love for these men and women, as well as for their children, that the VoteYesForLife.com effort should be supported!