Corrections to the Misinformation Presented by Opponents

Misinformation: Our opponents said they just want to listen to the people of South Dakota who voted by a slim margin not to pass the 2006 abortion referendum.

Correction: Those who did not vote for the 2006 Abortion referendum said the main reason was that they wanted an exception for rape and incest. This bill contains the clear exceptions that the voters of South Dakota asked for.

Correction: Our opponents said in 2006 that if this bill had exceptions for rape and incest it would be acceptable. Now a bill containing the exceptions they demanded is being presented to the citizens of South Dakota. Why has their tune changed?

Misinformation: Rape and incest victims will be victimized again by the reporting requirements of this bill:

Correction: Why are we protecting the criminals committing the crimes of rape and incest? Nationally, less than 1% of abortions are performed due to rape and incest.

Misinformation: This bill will hurt the doctor / patient relationship for women seeking an abortion for life or health of the mother reasons.

Correction: The language in the bill is clear. If the doctors follow this standard protocol, just as required with other procedures, the doctors will be fine.

Misinformation: South Dakotans don’t want to be told by outside groups what they should do and the organization is being influenced by those outside groups.

Correction: is receiving help from the best lawyers on this issue to ensure that what we are presenting is constitutionally sound. Further, our opponents have openly admitted that they are accepting funding and direction from groups and individuals from around the nation.